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(Since wechat does not have automatic notice when your friends change photos and I do not have many friends on twitter or reddit, I will use facebook as the platform.)

People will usually pose their own photos on their facebook, but what if I use a girl's photo as my profile photo? Since my friends know that I am not that person and I am definitely not a girl, what will they think of that picture? Moreover, what if that girl is my friend in CMU?

A male uses a female's photo as his facebook profile photo is indeed not people's expectation. How will people see that kind of picture? How will people see that picture after I tell them who is that person? How do people think of the relationship? Will they just think that's normal, or will they comment or judge my decision or even that girl?

Those are all I want to find out.

(For that girl's privacy, I will not post her face (since we are not in relationship...) but the back. Also, I do get her permission of doing it)

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