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1. People are really curious about male and female relationship (especially someone they know). When I changed my profile photo to myself again, no one commented anymore.

2. People tend to discuss privately.

3. People tend to follow others' opinions online because they don't think too much or they just follow.

4. People who are close to me will say more and be more curious than people who don't know me well.

5. Personal experiences shape their thoughts. (The girl who thinks I took that photo is a model.)

6. General messages (like "haha", "nice", "cool", emoji) are more often used.

Those can be generalized into several other rules of social media:

People do not want to be judged by others. However, facebook is really public, so people use general messages or just like but not comment. Also, people usually follow others so that not only them will be judged. A photo has many likes will have more likes. Personal relationship is a sensitive topic that more judges may happen, so people hide themselves.

I will make my later media related to people themselves and seemed not very sensitive so that people will be willing to comment and share, which means the media is spreadable. The issue is sensitive stuff will attract people's attention, but lower their willingness to react. 

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