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Previously I thought about changing my profile photo to a cartoon showing how hard the life is here in CMU, since I wanted to put something related to myself. However, that is what I am always doing. Therefore, I wanted to post a photo that seems unrelated to me. That will make people have more guesses since people know there must be some relations between the girl in the photo and me.

However, I had a difficulty -- no one is willing to comment since facebook is too much public! The first girl who commented under the photo deleted the comments when I was sleeping even though what she commented were just emoji and a question asking who is the girl. Ahh. Also, my floormates showed intention to know who is that girl, but when I said if you have any questions please comment under the profile photo. I will answer. But, no one did. My roommate kept asking who is that girl, is she your girlfriend, but when I said "just comment under the profile photo, I will answer your question", he said "No, I won't."

Therefore, I commented under my profile photo, saying "If you have any questions, just comment here. I will try my best to answer them :)" Luckily, some people responded to me.

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