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Woman with Pails was painted with oil paint on canvas, which is typical of Malevich's work.  Malevich worked in a variety of styles on a variety of canvases, but generally used white chalk grounds and oil paints. He usually did a preparatory sketch on paper for his abstract works, then did a pencil or brush underdrawing on the canvas during which he might add or remove elements. He used succinct brushstrokes when painting, so his painting was probably quick and sure.

I considered various techniques, primarily vector art and digital painting. Since the original piece was a painting, and I have some familiarity with digital painting and am incredibly unskilled with vector tools, I decided to paint. I first did a rough sketch of where everything would go (I suppose you could call it the underdrawing, though the layer stayed on top), then laid down basic colors underneath. Finally, I merged the layers and finished painting, adjusting some shapes as I went.

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