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I I created a passable visual representation of the work, but I believe I'm missing the clean lines and angles and the vibrant colors of cubo-futurism. The piece is definitely messier than I would've liked it to be. In retrospect, my workflow doesn't mesh well with cubo-futurism. Additionally, my personal struggles with color selection, properly using contrast, and creating clean lines and edges bled into my reproduction.

Ideally I would've had another half hour or so to clean up the lines and adjust some of the colors. Next time, I should work piece by piece rather than coloring the whole image at once, and possibly separate each part to its own layer so as not to mix the colors of adjacent shapes as much. I also think it might have helped to do the initial lines on paper, then scanned it in to paint over.  Some color issues were partially due to having the reference on a differently calibrated monitor, so using same monitor next time would be an improvement. It probably would have been best to do everything as vectors and gradients to keep in line with the cleanliness of cubo-futurism. 

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