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Artist: Vasily Kandinsky

For this project, I am assigned with the artist Vasily Kandinsky, a great Russian abstractive expressionism painter. He was born in 1866 and had experienced WWI. His paintings include mainly 6 themes, which are “horse and rider”, “landscapes”, “Apocalypes”, “landscape”, “music”, “geometry” and “scientific Imaginary”. For me, the most interesting theme is “music”. For Kandinsky, music is one of the greatest inspirations, so he tried to present music into paintings. He named his musical paintings with three categories according to music types: impressions, which are generated by impression from nature; improvisations, which are more spiritual; compositions, which are carefully designed.

His personal belief is that painting can be the total work of art, which is also known as “Gesamtkunstwerk”. From his point of view, the abstraction of painting can involve viewer fully into the image, together with the painting, becomes a complete art piece. In addition, he also believes that abstraction is also the only way to conduct confusion to viewers. Though as an abstraction expressionist, he still thinks content and form are equally important. Content can reach the pure essence of objects while abstraction can reach the pure inner resonance.

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