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I decided I wanted to explore the idea of manipulating multiple versions of this same shape: ellipse with a tail. My secondary goal was also to bring out a notion of movement and return. I also wanted to maintain the many shapes such as the pale pink circle and the rectangles and lines in my work. I decided that since the pink circle in Malevich’s work was the only circle and the largest shape, it should be considered as the “home” or the point of return. I then begin adding the same ellipse and tail shape with small adjustments to size and angle. Like Malevich's reserved use of dark versus light colors, I decided to make only one ellipse and tail shape black while the others were white. I wanted to bring out the same feeling of floating and movement with white, but also maintain the sense of urgency and dark emotions with black. 

Once I decided on certain shapes, I began to add them in photoshop and being very particular about the orientation and position of each shape. Finally, I decided in the spirit of Malevich’s Suprematist work in 1916-1917, I wanted to added my own new shape. I decided to put down a blotchy orange shape over the pink circle and took it as the final touch.

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