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"Fugue" was created in 1914. The painting was inspired by music as its name suggests. Because I am particularly interested in Kandinsky's music-related paintings, I choose this great art piece to reproduce. Another reason is about this painting's name. Because its name clearly suggests the kind of music that inspires this art piece, so I can know what kind of music I need to reproduce this art piece in the way I want: I plan to directly reproduce it by the feeling inspired from listening to music. The main color is yellow, which makes the tone of picture warm. But we can find it grows cooler to the right corner because of black and green. Red and blue wonderfully fitting in the painting gives it more content and meanings. We don't feel boring in this picture but we can keep looking at it for hours. Though there are lots of dramatic and contrast colors in the painting, I can feel the inner harmony inside the painting. The lines on the top and middle of the painting also make the dramatic colors stay together with each other harmoniously. We can see lottos circles are used for composition. They are just so tender. From my point of view, this picture is just as beautiful as Fugue itself,  containing dramatically contrast but harmonious parts, which are enjoyable.


I find this painting is full of content, though it is abstractive. Every time I look at it, I can find something new, maybe is some color I haven't noticed before, or the changing lines and composition in the middle of painting. The painting just has so much information: colors diverse so much, including yellow, red, blue, black and white. The wonderful part is that there is hardly any transition between those colors but we still feel the painting is harmonious. The circle and tender composition makes it so harmonious and the best part is middle part. So may kinds of lines and shapes in there, which gives us full of surprise and freshness. From the yellow, I can feel life in painting. Because yellow goes together with green, there is no feeling of impatience or anger. All I can feel is a sense of growing and energy. When I feel too restless looking at the main part of painting, there is always some blue, black or green to chill me down, just like the fountain inside a dessert. In addition, the painting is just like Fugue itself, which contains lots of contrast pitches but they all corresponding to each other, making the whole music harmonious. I felt like being absorbed into the painting the very first time I looked at it.


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