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In this project, my goal is to do some research about William de Kooning and recreate his style in a digital format.

To do this, I have looked into his history, his work set, and the particular techniques he uses to paint. In particular, the characteristics that his paintings share are:

Abstract - they are not meant to be realistic, but attempt to embody both tangible and intangible features through a different visual representation

Black lines - de Kooning tends to have strong black lines in his artwork

"Unfinished" - He was known for continually reworking his canvases, but he would also try to leave them with a sense of imcompletion

William is a Dutch abstract expressionist painter. Born in 1904, he was working by the time he was 12 years old in a firm of commercial artists. In 1926 he managed to stow away on a boat to the United States, and just a few years later he was mingling with the modernist artists of New York. He had exhibitions from 1948 to 1966.


In terms of choosing what I wanted to recreate, I figured I would go with arguably his most famous series, "Woman". In several different styles, de Kooning painted portraits of women. I also enjoy working with black and white, so that narrows it down to "Woman III". 

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