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 My idea for replicating the paining became centered around trying to replicate the feeling of looking at the painting from left to right. Due to the time constraint I did not think I would be able to reverse it all as if you did another sweep from right to left. How I went about replicating the feeling was copying the notion of the long straight lines present in the painting. I figured I would do so by representing the long black lines with the notes C and E making the standard C major third chord. I used the standard chord because I felt it best captured the simplicity of the black line. The red lines I executed with a G chord rounding out the C major chord. I figured the red was more of an accent to the standard black line giving more flavor just as the G gave the major third more flavor. I decided to represent the splashes of color with other notes that sounded good within the C chord. In keeping with the idea of jazz I included some notes such as D and a B to as those notes gave the chords a more jazzy flavor. 

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