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First of all, I do not think any of my work captured the style of Pollock's painting at all. Both of them have restrictions, which is the largest contradiction with Pollock's style. Pollock just painted whatever he thought of, and the large scale provided him with the space to paint. But my paint is either restricted by shape of curvature or constrained by colors and expressions.

Pollock's work makes me think of the time when I was painting the fence. Since we did not have enough paint, we just splashed the paint onto the fence. When I splashed the paint, I didn't know why I did that, but I knew what kind of shape I wanted to make, like a concave-up or an "S" line. At that time I felt I did not have any thoughts of what I was doing, but I just did it, following my feeling and actions. That experience is so similar to Pollock's painting process. 

With that experience and together with the learning of Pollock's painting, I don't think his work can be reproduced digitally. On computer people cannot feel the weight of brush. People do not know how to paint a concave-down curve. People will not feel that they are together with painting. People can be painter through digital technology, but they cannot put themselves into their art.

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