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Overall I think it was an okay attempt. Of course trying to depict a tactile, tangible painting via a digital is tough, but I tried to keep true to the aspects of the original. Those being interesting color choices (randomly splashed here and there), abstract subject, and strong yet ill-defined black lines.

This was done using Photoshop. Unfortunately I don't have a tablet, so the brush strokes don't seem very natural, but I did switch up the brush style in Photoshop for different details. I used several layers such as a gray layer, white layer, random detail layer, and finally a black lines layer. These helped me to separate the various aspects from one another.

I also discovered that I didn't realize how much detail was in this painting until I actually tried to recreate it. With every detail and color that I added, it seemed like there was yet another that I just discovered. No two colors and details are alike in this piece.

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