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I used the Paint application on the my windows laptop. I started with just creating the outlines of each shape, hoping to get the composition down first. However, that didn't work out because first, it's hard to control the color and second the relationship looks very different if the objects are solid or unfilled. So I started over, drawing and filling one shape by another. For the black square, yellow rectangle, brown ring and square, I just used the built-in shape brushes in the application. I didn't realize that we can't rotate a shape by arbitrary angles in Paint. I was planning to create the trapezoid from a square but because of the limitation of my software, I had to create the trapezoid and the black rectangle line by line. I also found it challenging to get the angle of the trapezoid right. Apparently, the trapezoid is not perfectly symmetric, and I discovered more details in the relative positions between the blue trapezoid and other shapes around.

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