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I figured this was going to be easy painting to imitate but I was wrong. The subtle variances' in size, orientation and relative distance from one another was by far extremely difficult to imitate. Digital tools in some way can help us with it but in another ways cannot. I turned on the grid guide when I was drawing it on my computer. It was super helpful in that I can measure the distance between objects in a much smaller unit. However, the limitation of software - not being able to rotate objects by arbitrary degrees, not having variant thickness for a ring and so on, creates a large barrier of how we can adjust our painting and experiment with compositions. Furthermore, the order of the painting is also very important. I chose to paint the big square first, which turned out to be a good idea since it's easier to relate smaller objects to big ones than the other way around. Overall, I think I have captured the theme and the style. Without looking at the original work, someone can still get similar message from my painting with the same title.

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