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This process was actually very fun. I really enjoyed it, except the part that I kept taking screen shots for hundreds of times. The first thing I find very impressive is that I understand why abstractionists consider the act of painting as part of the art. I used to think art piece is just the "object", the painting hanging on the wall, but now I realize that art is actually a whole process. The very important part is how I interact with materials that inspires me. Materials to paint are not only paints, colors, but including our experience, our inspiration, just like music, or some unnoticeable sights on the way home, etc. How we interact with those untouchable, abstractive materials is just as important as how we interact with paints and brushes. I can even make some (though naive) "music-inspired" art even without using brushes. For abstractive art, it is the idea how we express our experiences and how we conveys our ideas matter the most. I used to think abstractionism is just about pure beauty and dramatic feelings. Every time I went to museums I just stared at those abstractive art pieces. However, now I think to really understand those abstraction arts, people have to know about the artist, know about his experiences and the whole process of creating the art piece. Then, the whole art, including both the painting on the wall and the process of creating art, can be fully conveyed to viewers.

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