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My thoughts on Loveseat

At first, I was utterly confused looking at this piece, but the longer I looked at Loveseat, the more sense it made to me. I think that it is much more impactful when given a simple spot on the floor near a blank wall rather than the pedestals that most pieces were placed on in the gallery. The piece, to me, represents a unique mash-up of the love-seat sofa and the physicality of the connotations of its very name. It was placed in a room of completely abstract art with no recognizable shapes, but it seems far less so to me -- maybe that's why it tripped me up.


I feel as if I give abstract art a more serious and more critical look after this project. As my first visit to an art gallery or museum of art, I found it easier to chronicle the experience. Next time, I would try to manage my one hour better by including more about the actual artwork in my creation. It took me 40 minutes to layer the music just to get to Loveseat itself, so I didn't quite capture it in the detail that I intended.

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