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Experience and Response

The first thing I felt when I saw Cape Cod Afternoon was calmness; the painting makes me feel nostalgic for when I spent my summers at my grandparents house. The painting itself is very simple and divided into two sections; the house is composed of geometric shapes while everything else–the sky and clouds, the grass, the trees–and less strict and have a "fluffier" feel to them. Though there is contrast between the house and the environment, doesn't clash but instead harmonize to contribute to the tranquility of the piece. The colors as well, while not exactly dull, are subdued, with the grass having the most vibrant color in the entire piece. The combination of these elements help to draw the audience and let them slowly take in the landscape instead of pushing the atmosphere onto them. Finally, the view of the house is on an angle; the audience sees it from one side while the farther right you look, the house appears to be getting smaller. This is to help make the painting dimensional, as well as giving the illusion that the house surrounded by more land.

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