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Though initially, this particular piece didn't give me much of an impression. However, after looking closer, I realized that this had quite a bit to do with some of my personal experiences. This past summer, I was doing my incomplete class for Differential Equations due to having gone blind the previous semester. One of the major topics needed for, and exclusively found on the Final Exam, was the Wave Equation. It is an important second-order differential equation in physics. It is used to calculate and describe various natural phenomena including the oscillations of light and sound waves. Needless to say, it was quite important for me to know the ins and outs of the Wave Equation. After more reflection I began to find it fascinating how it and the similar works in the same gallery not only made precise visualizations of what would normally be invisible to humans but in addition made them timeless as well: even if we could see them, individual light and sound waves are moving and oscillating much too fast to perceive the individual crests and troughs of each wave.

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