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Product: For my work, I produced a simple wave equation, because that is the way that Sonic X-Ray 2 resonated with me the most. As a mechanical engineering major, I've dabbled a bit in software like Matlab. I used Matlab to graph the function(y=sin(x)sin(20x)). The reason I picked this particular equation was because the shape of it closely resembles the album artwork of the popular album AM by the Arctic Monkeys, which I had listened to recently, as well as it being something that I might have had to calculate as part of my Differential Equations final exam. I added several bands of color because I enjoyed a similar experience from the untitled work next to Sonic X-Ray 2, also by Zach Layton. Though this particular work used voltage differentials made and visualized by an oscilloscope instead of the sound vibrations used in Sonic X-Ray 2, the end product was similar to that both were made using waves as a basis.

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