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I initially chose this one instead of the others done by here because this has only three colors so it's nice and simple, it almost looks metallic, and it has purple which is my favorite color. So at the first glance, this one was the most compelling one for me.

It's a very ordered painting. It seems very controlled. There is a grid of purple and black circles in the foreground with a metallic silver background. However, in the left center, there's a giant 'smudge'  and the purple circles never enters this region. Within this region, there are smaller black dots seemingly behind the bigger black circles, also in a grid fashion.

This drew me in because of the color and the simplicity, but then it made me curious because of the smears in the center. If it were just the smears, or just the nice ordered grid, I wouldn't have paid it much attention, but the fact that they come together to create the same painting is what fascinated me because their ideas seem so contrasting, but she painted it in a way that they're complimentary.

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