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What I got from this was that the black and purple circles represent what you currently see, the light represents the environment that shapes what you currently see, and then your point of view is where you are in life currently. Essentially it was a metaphor for your perception on things. 

The longer I stayed there, I dove deeper into the painting. Eventually, I realized that this painting made me think of the line "you're only human". After she did the metallic background, the grid of small dots seemed like where she started the painting, but quickly she realized she didn't like that and thought it was a mistake. So she smeared the smaller black dots to cover them up and start again. This time she went with the bigger black circles. However this still wasn't perfect for her. So to fix her mistake, she added the purple circles in conjunction with with the black circles. 

It seemed as if she kept her 'mistakes' in to show her audience that it's ok to mess up. As long as you try your best, the outcome will still light up with how hard you've tried and it will overshadow the mistakes, the same mistakes that got you to where you are. It just depends on how you look at it. 

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