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I found it interesting how the words at the top are clear and defined against the white background while, near the bottom, the words are illegible and the remaining white spots enter the foreground against the black. Given Genet's quote and his involvement with the Blank Panther Party, I feel it's safe to assume that the work has something to do with race. 

Blank Panthers were historically radical, albeit not violently so, given the time period. I believe the bold contrast between text and background at the top of the work represents this. It draws the eyes and forces the viewer to read and understand. By the time one reaches the bottom, the words are smudged and the black ink no longer draws the eye. This may represent how the force behind a concept or movement may diminish when it is widely understood and widely accepted. 

In addition, we see how the color that is less represented enters the foreground in each part of the picture. This indicates how homogeny may harm one's own representation. One only counts if they stand out.

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