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There are two phase of experience and response.

Starting with the first phase: The whole canvas was in the color of bronze and dark gold. There are bright and dark part on the canvas, and this light-dark intercrossing areas create the flowing effects like a long sheet of silk is dancing with the wind and the painting is floating on the silk. The five patterns on the silk evoked two kinds of different memory in me. The second from the right looks very much like typical abstract mountains in Chinese water-ink painting and thus brought my back in the memory of the magnificent views from those famous mountains back in my country. The middle one reminds me of the symbol on the sword of War, the hero of video game Darksider, and the story sat in a chaos world.

The second phase is when I knew that this painting was "painted" by several people, including Andy Warhol himself, peeing on the canvas covered in metallic painting. Af first, this was a huge shock, for the difference of Chinese water-ink painting and pee painting was too huge to measure. But after the shock, I was amused because, no matter how it was produced, the painting gave the sense of art without context and this is something I never saw before. Then another sense came up: I was admiring Warhol's painting and Warhol himself because he was totally breaking the rule by painting a someway serious painting in a very unserious way.

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