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Just after I calmed down from the shock of pee-painting, I realized I was inspired by Andy Warhol. I always break rules and seek for brand new perspective, but Warhol's "Oxidation Painting 1978" somehow push me to think about what is rule-breaking. We may consider abstraction was breaking the rule at its time, but what Andy did wasn't just break the rule of styling but also the way of painting it- after all, who else dare to pee on a "serious" work of art? What I finally got was that at the time I break a rule and create something new, is it the case that I just breach out of the membrane of the egg and hit the shell without realizing it and still feeling complacent? 

So far, I don't think I would do something different to express my experience with the painting because this is not only the first idea popped into my head when I saw the painting and its story, but also the best idea I had in mind.

And yes, I think I captured my experience very accurately, for all the different sounds and their effects in the  video are just what I made when I was at the museum and they perfectly reflect my mood and thoughts back then.

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