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untitled (blacklit planet) ~40 minutes, Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small

The exhibition room for Jacqueline Humphries' black light paintings was full of, well, black lights. It gave the room an ethereal, cave like feeling. The fluorescing paint felt similar to some fantasy caves' walls, lined with bioluminescent moss. I tried to capture what it felt like to be sitting there in the silence between the gigantic glowing paintings on the walls. I structured the painting so that it seems enclosed, just like the room. I chose to use a square edged brush to imitate the hard angles of my surroundings, each square representing a moment. The neon colors mimicked the glow of the room. I wanted to express a sense of tranquility and loneliness so I used a lot of blue. I placed a vaguely human figure in the center, representing where I was when I experienced the painting, and focused the colors there since experiences are shaped by the perceiver. The title references a couple different things (video games and alien scenery) where Humphries' work lead my mind.

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