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First, every art piece, no matter abstract or realism, are purely artists' original work. Realistic paintings are not as simple as copying real life stuff. Artists also intentionally create the relationship between objects, the 3D perspective, composition and the reaching-heart feeling through the painting. The thoughts behind the paintings are so powerful that you can feel them at the very first sight of those art pieces. Also, to see the painting face to face is quite different from to see them on the screen. Paintings are more like 3 dimensional things. I can see the strokes and can even imagine the motions when artists are creating them. The artist's thoughts, experiences are directly passed to me through those paintings.

When reproducing those paintings, I understood more on the abstract artists side. Abstract artists are not just picking up things randomly and doing random strokes. At this time, I thought a lot about choosing what kind of elements to express my feeling in the strongest and most proper way. And even this is just for a student like me. For those artists who have more inspirations and emotions, they must try thousands of times harder to think about how to express their ideas and experiences to viewers: colors, compositions, shapes, etc. I also learned to understand abstract art in more ways. First, I can try my best to feel the emotions in those paintings, to feel the immediate impression. Then, I can carefully analyze those elements in the art and have a deeper understanding in the artists' ideas and experiences, to get more information about the painting. That's just so fun!

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