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Inspired by the use of cell phones, I decided to use the tones that you hear when you type in numbers to make a call. I recorded clicking 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 in succession, then used each number separately on Audacity (shown below). I wanted to capture the inclusive feeling of the work, and the importance of the passive subjects. I took a video from my phone of people I spoke to regularly on the phone. This, too, included the importance of technology and how it connects us, as did the original work. For each person that appeared on screen, I would use the tones of numbers from their phones. If two people were on the screen at once, I would put both tones in the melody. In the back (shown below as top two rows) were the numbers 4 0 7 playing on repeat, because that is there area code. It again shows the unifying qualities of technology and music, and how it can connect us from so far away (Florida). Using everyone's phone number, I was able to involve the passive participants.

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