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What I did to replicate these photos was to find places on campus (due to time constraints) that I though would have very noticeable and well framed negative space produced from very bright objects, and positive space from very dark objects when the contrast was turned up. I also tried to find objects that would produce these positive and negative spaces with geometric silhouettes. I found some of the most amazing patterns in the cracked and weathered pathways around campus, as well as taking a different look at the construction for Scott hall which in itself was a kind of human destruction that also signals the rebirth of something new in place of what was demolished which is an aspect I can also see in some of Lee's photos such as the one with the man in the road.

Some of the Challenges I encountered when doing this were making the photos have the same white/dark balance as Jungjin lee's photos. I tried turning down the shutter speed, opening the aperture, and upping the iso, But that just made everything brighter. I also tried to do it in post-processing, but I could not figure out how to make brights brighter and darks darker without destroying the silhouettes I wanted.

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