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My experience-based reproduction certainly captures the contrasting elements I noted earlier, with the artificial building and the organic plants. There is something alien about the bright red vines covering much of the building, especially against the colorless background of the abandoned building. These combined elements create an eerie atmosphere, with everything so familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

Replicating my experience with the art was unexpectedly difficult. While brainstorming, I often found myself coming up with ideas that were very similar to the original work itself, made up of black and red patterns on a metallic background. This may have been caused by the painting’s relatively simple composition, and I had difficulty abstracting my own experiences away from the relative concreteness of the paint and canvas.

I also could not come up with a way to capture certain aspects of the original painting, like the idea of motion and changing perspectives. Walking around the room, the painting’s appearance would change, whether through the light reflecting differently off the background or the colors covering each other. I could not combine this with the experience I ultimately chose to portray, though I don’t have any idea how I would have shown it anyways.

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