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Experience and Response

However big and full a room is, this painting will immediately catch the eye. It is quite large and dominating, it is supposed to be a loud and bold statement which it is very successful at.

My first feeling was that of vomit. The sickeningly vivid colors are unlike anything you are used to, it is quite a color scheme to behold. The various shades of pink, green, red, and blue clash so violently that you almost want to look away due to their unsettling nature. They scream into your eyes, telling you to turn, but the subject locks your vision onto itself.

The painting does a wonderfully deliberate job of wandering your eye over its entirety. After the middle subject of the man with his genitals sticking out of his trousers, there is an obvious path that Saul wants you to take. It starts from the upper right corner, cuts across the center and upper portion of the painting to the left side, and then brings you finally to the bottom of the painting. This obvious path is a representation of what Saul believed to be a "conveyor belt-like" situation, leading you from one place and inevitably depositing you into another predetermined place.

There is so much to talk about and unravel, but the main focus of the painting was to criticize the "new forms of social welfare legislation". Graduating students, from poor to wealthy, were all subject to the disgusting system before them. 

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