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Above is the result of my attempt to capture my experience in an image format.

Using Photoshop, I started off with a base of puke green on a splotchy brush and spread it all over the canvas to simulate as if I had thrown up all over the image. When I first experienced the disgusting colors of the painting, that was certainly what I wanted to do.

I then followed that up with a brush of pure red (0xff0000) and drew the line of what my eyes followed on the painting. I emphasized the starting point by creating a larger splotch and showing that the rest of the line followed after the initial starting point. The line is also a loop in that after going through it, you end up right back where you started and you are meant to keep wandering throughout it. The line is pure red to symbolize the anger that I felt coming from the painting. The splotchy texture is there to simulate blood and reflect the ocean of it that was in the work.

After that, I added stripes of black to both symbolize censoring the offensive content of the original painting and to reinforce the bold contrasts of the original painting. I experienced the work in very distinct sections, so creating bold black stripes to create sections to it only seemed logical.


Before going to the CMoA, I had never been to a proper art gallery. I had been to exhibits for science and history, but my family and I were never the kind to explore galleries and installations. This was a completely new experience for me and I actually spent a lot longer there than I had first anticipated. Besides Mr. Welfare, there were several other paintings that left an impression on me, but it was the one that captured my attention the most. It was quite an experience having it loom before me and slap me with its bold and grotesque existence. I would never have seen the painting or even known of its existence if it weren't for this assignment. It was an unexpectedly fulfilling experience, at least for me.

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