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From the altered artworks, I created a collage on powerpoint.

The alterations were all generated on photoshop. The easiest pieces to work with were the comics; all I needed to do was erase the text and they retained their aesthetic. For most of the others, I simply blended the elements of the art that gave depicted intent to the piece: for the animal testing painting I blended away the brushes and paint cups, for farming painting I blended away the knife, etc. One of the most difficult ones in this category was immigration painting. The wall itself, in addition to the night sky, implied america, so I had to blend the wall into a single color. I also had to mirror image the scene over the fence, because the original painting made it clear that the subjects were being kept out.

The most difficult pieces overall were the abortion and euthanasia paintings. For the first, it was very difficult to remove the meaning. I faded the painting to the point where there is still some color but not enough where the audience is certain its blood. For the second, I blended the nose tube away, but that was the only element of intent I really could.

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