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Overall, I think I was successful in my intent. For the comics I simply I had to remove their text and their aesthetics implies they're simply funny little cartoons. For the paintings I was able to "blend away" successfully, they all retain their imagery for the most part, even the immigration painting which I made the biggest changes too. 

For the abortion and euthanasia paintings, however, I think I was less successful. While I faded away the color so the blood wasn't as obvious, with time an observer could probably tell that this is an aborted fetus. And I'm also not certain there's much more I could have done to distort the intent but keep the aesthetic. For the euthanasia painting, I think if I could've overlaid the skeleton with a human hand, I could have been successful. However, I don't think I have the art skills required to recreate a hand in the aesthetic of this painting.

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