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I am pleased with the outcome. I think my works are amusing because they are so relatable and because I was able to combine each character’s specific story with a very familiar and unique part of our university. I believe that my intent and my outcome match well.

Belle: I like how Belle is the focus but that the background is clearly Hunt Library with a CMU banner on the far right of the image.

Playing cards: This one incorporates something very unique to CMU. Both the characters and the Fence are main focuses of the piece.

Cruella de Vil: The scotty dog mascot is in the foreground of the image with Cruella in the background. I like the placement because having Cruella in the background adds to her character’s intentions- she is sneaking up on the mascot.

Peter Pan: I like the action conveyed in this image. It looks like Peter Pan is flying over to the Walking to the Sky sculpture. Peter is in the foreground with the unique aspect of CMU just slightly behind him but still centered.

Wall-E: Wall-E is the focus, but the Gates sign is very prominent as well. With Wall-E slightly to the left of center and the sign on the right, I think there is a nice balance.

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