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I’m half happy and half unhappy with this project. On one hand, I really wanted to create a game, and I did create a game. On the other hand, I don’t like any of my games starting from 5 minutes after I finish coding, so as I’m writing these sentences right now, I don’t like it that much anymore. However, I am proud of myself that I was able to piece together this game with the story, code, images and music. If I imagine my inner critic, I can hear him saying “I guess you didn’t do too bad” This is a response I’m happy with since normally it’s more like “I can’t believe a person could write something this bad.” Usually the main thing I would be upset with any game is the story, but I wanted the story of this game to be extremely general and usual. I wanted to show that this usual day is a day that (I am guessing) will correspond to many students’ days in this class.

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