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I learned that outside critique is incredibly important when making music. After listening to it a million times I stopped I got used to how it sounded so I could not as effectively judge the quality of the sound. I asked my friends and family to listen to it and give me feedback and it actually really helped a lot. When you get so invested in a project it is easy to miss the big errors in it because you have become used to it. Taking a step back and have others look at my work is incredibly helpful. I did not even initially notice that I typed "Cold as Bullet Baby" and not "Cold as a Bullet, Baby." A friend had to point it out.

I also learned that music is incredibly volatile. Messing around with audio is difficult because one change can lead to an incredible difference in the quality of sound. Things like pitch and tempo are super important as well and very hard to fix. It is really helpful to research before hand so you know that the keys match and you wont have to wast time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. 

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