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Note that we had to rearrange our photo angle and were still unable to capture the entire line.  We decided to pick a random customer in the line to track through his experience (just as disney employees pick a random rider in a line to post wait times).  We noted what was happening around our subjects, but only to a certain extent.  Something that oft happened was other students weaving through and inconveniencing the test subjects.  The following are the observations we noted

First test Subject (begins 8 people back):

> - within 1 minute, one person left, 1 person budged

> - Conclusion: archaic queue style

> - takes this subject 8 people back 2:20 seconds to place order, and receives beverage at 4:30, ~two minutes after order

> - budger's method succeeds

Second test Subject:

> - another person left, rate of consumer loss, .25 people per minute based on this data

> - waiting a minute, not even halfway through line

> - took 2:45 to order, received iced tea immediately.

> - 10 minute rush hour window over

We also noted that a considerable amount of traffic involving commuting students was piling up in this area 

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