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Through reading about ASMR I found that a lot of people have had positive experiences with ASMR. ASMR has helped me with relieving stress and allowing me to sleep, but for some people the effects are greater than that. ASMR being developed by these artists as an art form has been a source of relief for some people with panic and anxiety disorders, depression, and insomnia, with many more individualized stories. I found the direct effect on viewers this art form has to be unique. Although many illusions are experienced, and that's it, ASMR seems to have an effect that carries on. I've always thought creating and ASMR video would be a cool experience, and it's definitely one that can involve a lot of digital aspects. In particular, I'm interested in how certain movements seen visually can create sensations in people's bodies, and think it would be cool to recreate that in a digital piece.

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