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Media Art:

The first work below is "Rememory" by Michael Challenger. Depending on one's point of view, it can give the impression of a triangular surface com out of the page with a trapezoidal indent going in or the other way around. The title "Rememory" seems to imply that this effect is the point of the piece. It shows how one can replace their initial impression of the work at will and re-remember it. 

The second piece below, "Heyday/Mayday" by Jayden Tan, also exhibits this illusion visually with multiple layers of paper. One's focus can switch between the natural disaster pictured and the celebrity hidden within. We can see Kurt Cobain in a tsunami, Michael Jackson in a volcano, and Marilyn Monroe in a tornado. On a deeper level, this may be meant to liken those celebrities' impacts on the world to those of natural disasters. However, more basically, we still see the concept of multistable perception. 

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