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From this project, I learned that illusions can be applied in many different ways. Even some small tricks can make big difference. For example, the we can crate great illusions just by slightly changing the angles of arrows. Our brains are much more easier to be fooled than I used to think. Also, it's quite interesting to think that all the images we perceived, in some way,are just made up by our brains. Thus, we can make up some illusions, some non-existed messages and convey them to viewers in a believable way by applying those illusion tricks. What we think we see are just thoughts and we can modify those thoughts instead of modifying real life objects. As media designers, we can totally create those excitement, specific feelings to people. Later on, when creating some paintings or media, I will think more about its effect directly on human brains and consider more about how viewers perceive media, not just how viewers see media.

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