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Simultaneous contrast refers to the manner in which colors of two different objects affect each other. Simultaneous contrast illusion is how this effects change people's view towards colors or even distort people's perception. The first picture attracts me is just a grey bar in the background of black to white color gradient(showed below). I cannot believe the grey bar does not change its color after I tested it using photoshop. However, even though I tested it and convinced myself they are the same color, I still couldn't control my brain to perceive them as the same color. For example, like for the Muller Lyer Illusion, when I convince myself those two lines are of the same length, my brain can kind of treat them as same length. But for this one, I cannot. Moreover, I cannot understand why my brain keeps treat the same color as different color. This is the first motive that drove me into this illusion. I want to find out why my brain cannot break the illusion even though I know it is fake.

After I did some research about how it works, I was then curious how it may apply in my life and art, since I did not know how. I found it far more interesting than I thought it would be, because it applies many area that I did not expect. Here is the documentation.

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