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I learnt a lot from this project. From my research, I know why my eyes may perceive the same color as two. Starting from simultaneous contrast illusion, I continue to discover how simultaneous contrast works with the same principle. It has a wide range of use in art.

They can trick our eyes, so that the colors we think are the same maybe not, while the colors we think are different may be the same. That leads to how could artists adjust color to express their ideas and feelings. They can use same color in different backgrounds to show the contrast, or use the different color in different backgrounds to preserve the consistency. Moreover, with a large variety of color choice, they can think of how to use proper color for background to express their different feelings. For example, green can mean lively, while blue can mean peace. The background will also affect the main body of the artwork, which is how simultaneous contrast works.

For me personally, I will say there is a lot of things I may take care of in my future artwork. I will pay attention to the use of shades, comparison and contrast between colors, background color choice, and so on. 

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