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Examples in Media/Art

Using sound as a means to experience and understand space has been a new theme in some indie games and remains as the entire concept behind the ASMR community.


ASMR is a fairly new phenomenon that is slowly taking rise over the internet. This community is characterized by whispering or remaining completely silent, with the viewer relaxing to the sounds. It  focuses on sound to manipulate the other senses. The people in these videos role play as many working class types so that they are more relatable as they quietly set up common scenes, such as going to the hairdresser or talking to a receptionist, using props to set up an audible scene. 

Capitalizing on the use of the Oculus Rift and ASMR, artists Max Hawkins and Robb Godshaw  collaborated with ASMR recording artist, BrittanyASMR to create an installation, ASMR NPC, for the VIA Festival in Pittsburgh. Guests lay on a bed in a spacious room inside the giant bubble in the center of the festival to enjoy a "spa" hosted by a fairy masseuse played by BrittanyASMR. 

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