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What did you learn? How could you leverage this illusion in your own digital media?

I really liked seeing the practical application of the illusion in the real world. It's neat to think about the design considerations made in every day life. I personally learned different ways that shading can be used to manipulate depth perception, such as light being a form of extrusion and darkness as a form of intrusion. Also, darkness can be used to accent something light to make it look like it's popping out.

I can use this for my own art when doing shading or layering, but I think this is way more applicable to larger art demonstrations. Like with James Turrell, even the photos of his exhibits are way more intriguing than the photos of his prints. I think he was right about this effect needing to be experienced in person. So something more like the light show, or an interactive piece would benefit a lot more from being accented by light.

Also, side note, this is super cool and useful for VR and AR, which is a medium I hope to get involved in soon.

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