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  More commonly called "Devil's Fork", "Impossible fork" or "The Mad Poiuyt" in everyday language, Blivet is a fork like structure that seems like it has 2 arms at the part where everything connects, and when looked at the ends, it looks like 3 arms. It is under the category of optical illusion and impossible object.

How it works is that at the part where all the arms are connected, which I will call the top part, the object divides into two and extra lines are used for making it look more 3 dimensional. Then, when looking at the part with 3 arms, the total of six lines make 3 arms, which I will call the end part. Since the object divides into two at the top part, and ends up with 3 arms at the bottom part, it is an impossible object.  It does not relate to motion, however, it relates to perception since it looks like it must be real but it can not be.

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