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I've seen Blivet before in many places, but when I started this project, I didn't know what it was called, what it was used for or how it worked. This project helped me learn all of these. If I was an artist, I feel like I would want to be an artist like Escher. I would want my art to show impossible objects. Blivet is especially a confusing one since it is actually very basic. There is motion and there aren't many lines and colors that confuse, there are only six vertical lines, and the illusion is done with only these six lines. I also feel like many things with symbolism could be done with Blivet, messages could be send saying "It looks like two, but it's actually three". I feel like an artwork of a blivet that started with the top part, with one arm black and the other one white, and the end part with white, black and a colored middle arm would give the message "You thought it was only white and black, but there are colors in between". That is probably what I would do if I were to do an art about blivets.

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