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This assignment was particularly challenging for me because of the environment, CFA had a lot of detail, so it was very hard for me to decide what to include and at what scale and angle to put it all at. One of the things that really messed with me was the fact that the perspective in the drawing didn't quite match the room, so the scale was slightly off. I wish I had had enough time to do the drawing over. Especially with some sort of straightedge. The most challenging structures for me were the details on the sides like the statue alcoves and the supported balcony, this was where my slightly off perspective really hit me, as I had much less room on the paper to draw all of them so I ended up only drawing the most prominent ones. Shading was also difficult as the shading in the CFA hall was very subtle, so it was hard to have good definition without going too light or dark. The one thing that would have helped most is straight lines.

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