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But actually, what made me want to do this project was the suggested artist James Turrell. Specifically, the piece with the cube in the corner of the room, though my favorite of his pieces definitely wound up being the one that looks like an opening door (both shown below). I loved how just using lights in the wall makes it look like there's a physical object floating in the room.

By using lights and shading, Turrell manages to trick the eye into seeing a cube protruding from the wall. How cool is that?

In the image beneath that, the light coming out of the wall makes it look like the wall is a sliding door to a room much brighter than it, giving the wall the appearance of masking a much larger space. It feels almost as though someone can just walk through the light.

Turrell claimed that his works cannot be fully appreciated without being experienced in person, but I'm blown away by the simplicity and effect of his work.

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