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The next picture, called Dulcinea, was painted in 1911, and is about Duchamp's fantasy of a woman on the streets whom Duchamp calls "Dulcinea" in various states of undressing. The composition was an experiment in chronophotography and depicted Dulcinea in five sequencing positions, baring more skin from one to the next. This painting contains many similar elements to, and arguably lead up to "Nude Descending a Staircase #2". We can see the similar diagonal composition and monochrome feel in both, all the while following his theme of nudity and sexuality. 

There are however many differences as well. Duclinea focuses a lot less jarring lines, and used mostly smooth curves and soft lines. And although we can see remnants of many shapes, they were a lot less intense and creates a smooth gradient contouring the woman's body. While looking at this picture, my eyes are lead along the path which Duchamp created intentionally, which travels from the back corner and around to the front, and hints at movements through the canvas.


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