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The idea originally came to our group when one of us mentioned that there was a hologram/projection project that anyone could do using the plastic of a CD case, a smart phone, and a specially formatted video. We started off by looking at a few videos of the results, and then we looked at instructional videos of how to achieve the same result.

The outcome is very similar to other works in the field, but we add depth by also featuring sound. We turn a 2D video into a 3D hologram and we also turn a 2D sound into a 3D sound.

There are a good number of preceding projects and you can view them on youtube, for example

Though small-scale holograms like this are relatively simple to create, the illusion used, Pepper's Ghost, is a commonly-used perceptive trick with numerous applications in media. Like our illusion, holograms such as the Tupac and Michael Jackson holograms used at Coachella in 2012 fall under the category of the Pepper's Ghost illusion and utilize the same perceptive tricks of light and cognition.

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